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Clapper Priest Prints and design

urban designs made in London

Prints and design

Using screen prints to create prints for T-Shirts, bags and patches. Creating an original range of designs.

Recycling for art

About 5 years ago I started off making screens using recycled 2 by1 timbers… finding them here and there. Experimenting with designs and styles.

Clapper priest

Screen printing

Now i’m using various screen printing techniques. I can print with the mesh outside of the frames using aluminium screens, with Riley Hopkins carousel 4×4 . They are industry standard aluminium nice and sturdy and allows me to add extra coats of paint to give an added richness to the designs

Made in London

All the items are designed and made in London.

Design Collaborations

Busy working in collaboration with other artists to create new designs.

Custom Screen Printing

If you need to get your hands on some Clapper Priest Custom prints, contact for more information. Creating T-Shirts, Patches, Hats, Bags and Posters.